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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Nom, nom, nom

Baby Jack is ready for his first thanksgiving.  We are having my parents and Mike's parents and siblings over for a huge feast that Aunt Jane is cooking.  Jack is getting used to eating with a spoon so we might give him a little thanksgiving treat of some mashed potatoes or some pureed veggies. 

I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and beautiful son. It should be a wonderful day.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Our first trip to Bates Nut Farm

Jack had an excellent Halloween and enjoyed tick-or-treating at a few of the houses in the neighborhood.  Mike and I enjoyed the "perks" of parenthood by eating his candy =)  It helps that he is too young to have candy or to protest us consuming his hard earned treats.  Before we picked out his dragon costume he was initially going to be a giraffe.  Jack LOVES giraffes.  From his very first mobile to his pile of stuffed animals the giraffe is his favorite!  Unfortunately for Jack the giraffe costume ended up being too big but it looked adorable anyway!

Hopefully he can be a giraffe next year for Halloween!

A week or so prior to Halloween we took Jack to Bates Nut Farm to pick out some pumpkins and start a new family tradition.  We had never been to Bates Nut Farm before and it came highly recommended by Jacks' Great-Aunt Jane so off we went for a day at the pumpkin patch!

Jack was initially more excited by his fingers than the pumpkins.

Jack looked adorable in his cool shades!

The neat thing about Bates Nut Farm is they have these wheelbarrows that you can load your pumpkins up in.  Mike pushed the wheelbarrow, I pushed the stroller and Aunt Jane helped us take photos.  The neat thing about wheelbarrows is that they also work as an excellent place for a quick bottle.

Bottle time!

Next year we'll take Jack on a hay ride!

We had a great family day at Bates Nut Farm and enjoyed taking lots of pictures! 

Mike & Jack

Aside from pumpkins there were lots of vendors selling food, drinks, and crafts.  They had face painting and games for the kids, pony rides and a petting zoo.  In one area of the farm they had different farm animals in pens. Jack enjoyed the goats and the emus the most; he wasn't quite sure what to think of the chickens, turkeys, or ducks. 

 Jack meeting goats for the first time.

Happy Jack!

We had a great time at Bates Nut Farm and we are so thankful to Aunt Jane for suggesting it.  I know Mike and I look forward to returning there next year to pick out our pumpkins.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our little baby dragon!

Meet Jack, our joyful, silly, fantastic little baby!

Welcome to our family blog. Here you can get updates on Jacks newest adventures and generally what is going on with our family. Its been amazing watching Jack grow and change over the past five months. He keeps us entertained and amazed every single day and truly completes out family. He is our little miracle baby and I can't wait to see what he will do next.

Here's a quick pictorial update of how he's grown.

Jack Steven 5/28/11 9lbs 14oz!

Jack came screaming (literally) into this world on May 28th.  I had a very difficult pregnancy and a complicated delivery so when I first heard his little squeals it was like music to my ears.  Even at 9lbs 14oz he was still considered a preemie and had to spend a few days in the NICU.  It was an incredibly stressful time but he got a clean bill of health and we were finally able to take him home.

Jack loves his Snugga Bunny swing

A month later he continued to grow and thrive.  He loved swinging and napping in his swing.  He also was quite addicted to his pacifier which he has since grown out of and looks at us like we are crazy when we try to give it to him.

Cutest baby ever!

Jack has learned to hold his head up on his own, roll over, and has started to "crawl." Which is insanely cute to watch.  He puts his butt in the air and then scootches himself forward on his face. It looks ridiculous but he's making pretty good progress at it.

Bouncing baby Jack!

Jack has finally grown big enough to sit in his bouncer.  He loves it! It has all sorts of toys that make noise and move.  Then when he really gets bouncing it makes music and boing-boing sounds.  Its a riot to watch him bounce away.  When he gets really excited he makes these squeal/laughing sounds that we call his pterodactyl squeal.  It cracks us up.

Jack just lights up our day and brings us so much joy.  I look forward to sharing more of our precious little monkey!